American mart at Atlanta U.S.A ※作業中(川村)


With the new year already heading towards March, today I would like to talk about the American mart that took place in Atlanta last January.

港区 六本木 花屋 ゴトウフローリスト




There are many giftshows held around the world selling and promoting new products for all kinds of retail stores. But in the U.S.A the biggest one is in Atlanta with showrooms divided over three major buildings with 20 floor levels open all year round. And besides this there are special sales seasons so we mostly visit every year in January. It's called the winter sale and lasts for one week.

Thousands of visitors from mostly America but also from other parts of the world come together so it’s very hectic but well organized. We spent three days total looking for new products,gifts and decorations for different seasons.

The main budget we spent on Christmas and every day gifts besides halloween and easter products are also becoming more popular in Japan. Overall most of the companies are American but there are also from Europe and Asia Some of them have been there for centuries but there are also fresh starters every year.

港区 六本木 花屋 ゴトウフローリスト


With so many showrooms and products you really have to stay focused on what you want to buy because you easily get lost. So after three days you are exhausted and feets are hurting as you walk many kilometers.

Most of the products are factory made but there are also handmade products available. Every year you can see what is trending in color or design and this time pink was standing out the most. Also white is still popular and natural simple designs.

港区 六本木 花屋 ゴトウフローリスト


Most of the products we buy will arrive in Japan late summer. After unwrapping and checking the goods they will be priced and ready to be displayed in the store. We are looking forward to our new products to arrive and hope you will find something that will make you smile and happy.