The Secrets of Nature<br><font size="-2">in Roppongi Shop / written by Hans Damen

Have you ever noticed such small wonders as the lily having six petals or the passion fruit's stigma splitting into three parts? There are still many marvels and mysteries in the natural world that we have yet to discover.

ユリの花弁が 6 枚あることや、パッションフルーツの柱頭が 3 つに分かれていること。このような小さな不思議に気付いたことはありますか?自然界には私たちがまだ知らない多くの驚きや不思議がたくさんあります。

For example, the lily having six petals may have evolved that way because it was an attractive shape for insects. And the shape of the passion fruit's stigma may also be related to pollination and the ease of seed dispersal. However, the exact reasons for these characteristics have not yet been fully understood.


港区 六本木 花屋 ゴトウフローリスト 自然の秘密 ピンクッション

港区 六本木 花屋 ゴトウフローリスト 自然の秘密 バンクシア
When you take a close look at flowers, leaves, fruits, and other natural elements, you can appreciate the beauty in their intricate details. With the use of modern technology, you can delve even deeper into observing and exploring this beauty. You can use the micro-lenses on your smartphone to examine the often-overlooked details and share their beauty on social media. Furthermore, you have the option to create posters or original cards using these materials, opening up a world of enjoyment beyond imagination.


港区 六本木 花屋 ゴトウフローリスト 自然の秘密 カメムシ
港区 六本木 花屋 ゴトウフローリスト 自然の秘密 カラテア

And not only the flowers but also the small insects around them are intriguing beings. Viewing the flowers from their perspective opens up a different landscape. From this new perspective, we also gain learning and inspiration. I believe we must also contemplate how people can respect nature and pass it on to the next generation.


港区 六本木 花屋 ゴトウフローリスト 自然の秘密 バラ
港区 六本木 花屋 ゴトウフローリスト 自然の秘密 アマランサス

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